Things to Ask Your Window Cleaner Before Hiring Them

choose_window_cleanerIf you are trying to choose a window cleaner your best source is to ask friends. Usually if a window cleaner has been around for a while, he will have a loyal following. If you cannot find a window cleaner through friends go online and do a search for window cleaners in your area. If this is your first time trying to locate a window cleaner call at least 3 to 4 window cleaners to get information.

Each window cleaner if they are experienced will give you good solid information and usually can answer most of your questions over the phone. Window cleaning prices will vary from each window cleaner. Some prices will be low, some prices will be high and some prices being in the middle. Just because a price is very low does not mean you will get a quality job. The same goes for higher prices. Higher prices does not mean the best service either.

To help determine what window cleaner you should use, there are certain questions that you should ask. Ask how long they have been in business. Ask if they have any references they can provide you. Be aware that they might have to call their customers to get permission for you to call them. Usually if the window cleaner has been in business a long time, he will have several customers that will be glad to speak with you.

Check online to see that there are not any complaints against their company. Ask if they have insurance to protect themselves from anything that might happen on your property. Ask them what type of tools they use and what type of solutions they use in their water. If you still are not sure and if all of your questions have not been answered on the phone, have them come out to meet you in person.

This will give you a better idea on making a decision. When they come to your home to meet you for the first time take a look at their appearance. Look at their vehicle to see what condition it is in. Image is everything. Usually a window cleaner with a good appearance cares about their business and your home. If they look sloppy and their vehicle looks old and sloppy, chances are the work might be the same. Good window cleaners usually take pride in their work and appearance.pacific coast window cleaning

At the time of your meetings with most companies all your questions should have been answered. After you have spoke to several professionals, this should help you to make a wise decision. If you still haven’t gotten all of your questions answered, then call several more window cleaners until you find one you feel good about. Very experienced window cleaners that have a loyal following should be able to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable about them being in your home.

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